About Searcy Medical Center

Mission Statement

Searcy Medical Center was founded to provide comprehensive healthcare for the citizens of White County, AR, and the surrounding area. We are committed to the compassionate delivery of high quality care to our patients and the maintenance of the highest ethical standards in the physician/patient relationship.

Values Statement

Searcy Medical Center was founded with the idea that high quality medical care could be provided to the citizens of White County locally, rather than functioning as a triage center for Little Rock. Our founders also believed that medical care could and should be given within the context of a values system that reflected their belief in God and the principle of serving others as taught by Jesus Christ during his ministry on Earth. They further felt that such care was best delivered with doctors of different specialties collaborating with one another so that each patient receives the best of care without having to leave the clinic or community to obtain such care.

We see no reason to stray from the original values of our founders. Our core values continue to be the compassionate provision of the highest quality care that we can give to all of our patients. We value practicing our craft with integrity, honesty and fairness with everything we do designed to create the best outcomes for the patients we serve. We choose to do what is right for our patients, our employees and our community, knowing that this is the best way to achieve both success and satisfaction in our careers.

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